【 Pouchポーチ 】
Time Goes By

HKD$ 400 - Free Shipping

Asteria collection are presenting Alice Chan's unique view of the world! Original prints within a special collection of accessories.

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The size is cute! The 8.5 cm width makes it easy to store bulky items. Light and easy to open. The double zipper closure comes with diamond-shaped zipper puller. Pouch can store pens, glasses, cosmetics, etc.

【Size】W 18cm x H 10.5cm x D 8.5cm

* Interior open pocket
* Zip closure with Asteria brand detail



【サイズ】幅18 x 高さ10.5 x マチ8.5 cm

* インナーオープンポケット
* アステリア ブランド ディテール付き ジップ クロージャー