【Asteria Press-On Manicure】

24 Nails in 10 sizes for a perfect fit!
HKD$ 240
(Over HKD400 Free Shipping)

Let's enjoy art and fashion at the same time!

Easy to wear on your nails♪
Asteria art nails
Easy to put on and take off! You can do gel nails only on weekends, one day

**Over HKD400 to enjoy Free International EMS Shipping. 7 - 10 working days to arrive.
(Due to the reduction or cancellation of flights by airlines, items sent to certain destinations may be subject to delay.)

【 ENQUIRY / 問い合わせ 】: info@asterialand.com

【How to Apply】

1) Clean. No oil /dust ( Clean nails to make it not greasy! Thoroughly wipe with acetone/ alcohol pads)
2) Select the correct size for all 10 nails
3) Peel-off backing paper
4) Press down firmly on the center and then side to side
5) Done! A flawless manicure in just minutes! *EXPERT TIP: For best wear, press nails down several times; avoid contact with water for the first hour.

INCLUDES: Nails, 3 Stick-On Tab Sheet, a mini nail file, wooden stick.


Soak in warm water for 5 minutes and gently peel off the nails from the edges of the nails.