Macaroon Magic, 2011
Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)
Unframed: 70 x 90 cm | 17 3/4 x 21 5/8 inch
Framed: 78 x 98 cm | 30 3/4 x 38 5/8 inch

Macaroon Magic is a painting which combined three abstract elements, namely Romanticism, Surrealism and Fantasy. You can see the lovely image outright, but at a greater depth it embodies a special meaning. The ideas are from the French Revolution, 1830. Red represents revolution, in which people fight for their life, and uphold their faith that could not be easily swayed. The macaroons are piled up as barricade, each containing people’s hopes. When you stand on the very top, you will find that there is another world. We need to stand up and take the chance!