The Rising of Love, 2017
Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)
76 x 182 cm | 29 15/16 x 71 10/16 inch

The painting portray originates from the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman mythology, Venus, the mother of Cupid, is the Ancient Goddess of Love, who has greatly inspired people all over the world and has been a driver of change with her amazing magical power.

One day a very strong gale blew over the island, washing a sea shell onto the shore. Goddess Asteria emerged from the sea shell, dressed in a gorgeous costume, representing the symbol of nobility. She was carried over the waves of the resounding sea, lifted by the soft foam, to emerge in a notion of divine beauty.

The Gods of Wind, enveloped the goddess in magical and comfortable winds. The winds released her long blonde hair, imparting the fragrance of roses on her body, giving the ever-beautiful goddess infinite love and warmth.

All the animals around the beauty extended their generous blessing and praises, and happily welcomed her. The Goddess met her beloved God on this mystical island. As his proof of undying love, God sincerely presented the Goddess with a beautiful giant rose, planted by himself.

Thereafter, Goddess and God have moved onto the next stage of their lives in pure love and happiness, and lived happily ever after.